(New Zakaat Report) An Act of Faith: Humanitarian Financing and Zakat

The Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) programme has released a report on Zakaat titled “An Act of Faith: Humanitarian Financing and Zakat”. Amongst the key findings of the report are:

  • In 2013, faith-based organisations received and delivered between US$420 million and US$434 million (15–16%) of all international humanitarian assistance channelled through non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
  • The global volume of Zakat collected each year through formal mechanisms is, at the very least, in the tens of billions of dollars. Data collected for Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which make up 17% of the world’s estimated Muslim population, indicates that in these countries alone at least US$5.7 billion is currently collected in Zakat each year.
  • Between 23% and 57% of Zakat currently collected is used for humanitarian assistance, depending on the context in which it is raised and used. It is therefore likely that Zakat is already a significant source of humanitarian financing in many places, and has the potential to provide more.

To download the report, access data and communicate with the authors, visit the report page (by clicking here.)

Also, find the video of an event discussing the report.


Hat Tip: Thanks to  Poverty to Power Blog for highlighting this report.

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