Muslim Civil Society Conference

Muslim Civil Society Conference

Editor’s Note: This Muslim Civil Society Conference is an important initiative, and has my full support. The organisers provided an important update, and we are reproducing it in full. 

We look forward to seeing you at the first Muslim Civil Society Conference focused on Domestic Public Policy Issues since 1994!

A quick note that this email is quite comprehensive and packed with info, so really worth reading to the end.

Registration for the conference is online ONLY with etickets issued via email once you’ve registered at .

We’ve also launched a 1000 x R1000 campaign. Asking 1000 generous Citizens to contribute R1000 ONCE OFF to raise R1m for ASRI’s operations post conference. I think from all of us on this list, we can easily crowd source this funding if we each speak to 3 people to contribute. The equivalent of less than R100 a month is a small price to pay to get this much needed Pluralist Public Policy Institute off the ground.

The bank details are as follows:
Account Name: ASRI
First National Bank
Account # 6250 5969 074
Branch Code: 250655

May the good in your life increase and grow beyond your expectations. Ameen.


  • The Deputy President is confirmed in writing as the Keynote Speaker for the Gala Dinner. The letter from the presidency is available electronically.



  • Online Registration has been activated on the website, so if you haven’t already done so and intend on participating, then please go to this link to register


  • The venue has been confirmed.  The gala dinner and the conference will be hosted at The Wanderers Club (Illovo). Prayer/Meditation facilities for males and females will be available.


  • Tickets are limited to 250 now available for sale, with other tickets going to invited guests from government, labour, non profits, academia, and civil society. Please book early to secure your seats. The conference is in a panel discussion forum format, to make it accessible to all, with the opportunity  for Audience participation in each panel discussion.
  • Simulcast Radio shows have begun on our Media Partners, Radio Islam, Radio Al Ansaar, and Voice of the Cape on Wednesday Nights at 8PM. The next discussion is Creating Employment, Wednesday, April 29 at 8pm.


  • Our Pre Conference TV Show will kick off on Sunday, 3 May 2015, at 10am on ITV, hosted by Khadija Patel




  • We have confirmed group rates at two hotels in Johannesburg, the Protea Hotel Wanderers and the Southern Sun Hyde Park at around R1200 a room. Should you wish to take advantage of this, please email

Lets spare a thought for our fellow African Citizens who have been displaced due to the xenophobic attacks, and fellow South Africans who still go to bed hungry, use pit latrines, don’t have access to quality medical care, and are losing faith in the system.

The onus is on every one of us, as citizens, to ensure that the political programme of nation building and job creation proceeds with speed to ensure that with government we address the underlying socio economic issues facing our Country, and in so doing secure our constitutional democracy for the next generation.

Please forward and distribute widely to your friends, family, and business networks.

The model that we’re pursuing in terms of building out ASRI’s research and advocacy programmes post conference, is that of appointing dedicated research chairs in each of ASRI’s Focus Areas, under which will be researchers (PhD candidates), research fellows (Masters Candidates), and research associates (Honours Students).

Petrocam and AMKA have agreed to fund our Research Chairs in Job Creation and Nationbuilding respectively. We’re now looking for suitable individuals who can fill these roles, keeping in mind that we’re a pluralist institute, reflective of wider South African society. As additional funders come on board, we’ll build out each research programme and establish new ones.
Again, these individuals should be of the highest caliber, with a good public profile and track record of strong values, and ideally associated with a Tertiary Institute or have a good public policy background. Initially these roles will not be fulltime.

We have developed three distinct funding tiers to give donors the opportunity to fund ASRI according to their means. Core donors (R200 000), Research Donors (R100 000) and Project Donors (R25000 to R50 000). Each funder gets excellent exposure over a period of 12 months, by being associated with our research output, roundtables, seminars, and events of ASRI in the coming year. (See attached Funding Tiers)

This funding is then used to fund suitable chairs and candidates currently at tertiary institutions who’s incomes can be supplemented in return for an association with ASRI and access to their expertise. This is the most financially viable approach in year 1, with the intent to move to Full Time Research Chairs in Year Two.

Please contact individuals in your network to convince them of the need to contribute. This project will succeed or fail based on the funding we secure in the first year.

With Peace,
Muhammad Cajee

Executive Director

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