Hajj Prices Sorted !

An easier way to sort through Hajj Packages in South Africa

There are over 300 Hajj packages in South Africa. Finding information on them means searching twenty websites, and then developing an evaluation criteria. IslamicFin.com has created a spreadsheet to help you to navigate the packages that are available.


Please download the Excel spreadsheet below.

Download “Hajj Prices 2015/ 1436 (Version 0.1)” consolidated-spreadsheet-V-0.15.xlsx – Downloaded 761 times – 50 KB


This should open up on all spreadsheet software. But, if you have issues, please download the Google Doc at this link. click here

If you do not want to download the spreadsheet, you can review hajj packages online.

Find Hajj Packages



A couple of notes:

  1. This spreadsheet is pretty interesting and incredible, and covers over 300 packages. It is however not a substitute for clear agreements between Hajji’s and operators. Please verify all information before signing up for a package.
  2. There might be mistakes in how we recorded information. Moreover, in some instances we still need to verify some information. If you have corrections to suggest, please let us know.
  3. Hajj operators (i.e. accredited travel agencies) and SAHUC have been extremely helpful in answering questions and providing information. Shukran.


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatul Laahi Wa Barakaatoe
    I noticed a small error on your list. Khidmatul Awaam package 4 is not at the Swissotel in Mecca but in the Marwa Rotana as per website. Also, Nujoomul package 6 full stay is Swissotel till 1st Thil Hija and thereafter Elaf Al Salaam.

    Just thought I point this out.

  2. Slm

    Please update your site. All Rasools 6 week packages are till the 1st of Thill Hijjah. Refer to our page on facebook for the 5,4 week option. Cll Yusuf for 2 and 3 week options

  3. Salaams
    Very interesting and valuable information.
    Shukran for this and great work.
    Can you perhaps add on the list per package the following:
    Distance from Haram
    Details of what is provided, food, tv, transport, sahuc fees, moving to Azizia,
    flying to Medina, etc.
    This will help when searching. People look for this.

    Is it ok if we put a link from Sahuc website.

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