Hajj Prices 2015 / 1436

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So you know who to call, which links to click, and an email that will get answer. Sort through over 300 packages online. (Works on PCs, laptops and tablets. Might not work too nicely on smartphones and some tablets) Take it home, print it, and download the spreadsheet.
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Hajj Prices for South Africa are presented in three formats:

  1. List of operators, with links to their websites, and downloads of all packages.
  2. An online table of all packages, that is sortable by price, number of weeks, and hotels. (It works well on personal computers, and tablets, but smartphone users might have some issues. We working on this.)
  3. Downloadable excel spreadsheet, which allows you to sort packages in a number of different ways.

Why? – Power should be in the hands of Hajji’s

Hajj is one of the most important actions a Muslim undertakes, but it is also expensive. In South Africa, prospective Hajji’s have a week to accept accreditation and to choose a travel agent. There are over 300 packages, and the variables that go into Hajj package are many, and varied. Improving the way that information is packaged and communicated may assist Hajji’s in choosing packages with better knowledge, but also allows for a broader interventions to reduce price of performing Hajj.

Since 2012, I have been developing these spreadsheets. This year is however the first time that the list is available online, and is the most complete list we have developed.

  1. This project is created to assist prospective Hajji’s with wading through over 300 packages that are available.
  2. My parents are planning to perform this year, and I needed to review what was available, and sharing it is so much better.
  3. To put” data out there ” – hopefully, readers take the data on packages and begin to research, and visualise it.
  4. As a demonstration project of how to present information in a way that supports good decision making. This is just a demonstration version, but organisations like SAHUC can create much more useful online applications.


If there are any corrections that need to be made to the spreadsheet, these will be listed here.

  • Updated packages from Al-Mujaahiedeen Hajj and Umrah. The packages are for 6 weeks, not 4 weeks. (25/04/2015)
  • Updated packages from Sure Mirage Travel. Prices have been reduced on several packages. (29/04/2015)





  1. Assalaamu Alykum.
    Do you have a haj price list spreadsheet like the one on this site for 2016. If so I would appreciate a copy. Please email it to me or kindly email the link.

    Thanks in advance.

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