Hajj Accreditation List 2015 (Update)

The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) have released the “filler list” of accredited Hajjis. The list can be accessed at the following website: click here.

Important dates:

  • Acceptance of accreditation for filler list – 6 May 2015
  • Finalisation of contracts with operators – 8 May 2015 (This is for persons accredited on the list released on the 16 April 2015).

Accreditation Stats

The Voice of the Cape reports the following based on an interview with Sahuc president, Shaheen Essop. It reports as follows:

The South African Haj and Umrah Council (Sahuc) will now reassess its haj accreditation list, after 1379 of the 2000 accredited prospective pilgrims indicated their acceptance before Monday’s cut-off date. The remaining 621 either opted out, or failed to notify Sahuc within the allotted period.

Despite a slow uptake upon the lists release on April 17th, responses eventually increased closer to Sahuc’s deadline. 226 of those who opted against taking up the accreditation either cancelled or transferred to next year’s process, whereas 395 people were cancelled by Sahuc for failing to inform the haj regulatory body of their decision.

“As a result, that 395 people will now lose 30 points in their accreditation. If they are first time hujjaj, in order to get back into the queue they would need to reapply and go straight to the back,” said Sahuc president, Shaheen Essop.

Read the full article,Voice of Cape on Hajj Accreditation List.



  1. As salaamu Alaikum.
    please note that I have applied for Hajj and didi not receive a response.
    My email address has changed to the above. kindly advise if I have been accrediited

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