We live in a time where many of us have been fortunate enough to have visited the Holy Lands. Yet there are many first timers each year who embark on this journey. Some of which is their first plane ride out of the country. For these people and also for some people who have been for Haj before, the task of choosing a Haj Operator can be very very confusing. There’s all this jargon that people think you just magically know… But you don’t.


Here are some FAQ’s


Daarul Taqwa, Oberoi, Movenpick etc?

If this is the first time you are travelling to the Kingdom, you don’t know where any of these hotels are… Google Maps is helpful with this to see the distance to the Haram in a proper scale. Seeing a map of the area before hand helps with your general sense of direction. Also, if you are traveling with elderly people, it helps to know how near you would be because there is quite a bit of walking involved.


What is Tanazul?

Tanazul is the fees required to sort out all your paperwork when it comes to Visas etc.


What is Dham?

Dham in the context of your Haj package is the monies you spend for the sacrificing of an animal. Some packages include this amount, some don’t. Since you need to sacrifice your animal before you can come out of Ihraam, I’d say it’s kind of important that you check up on that detail since the 5 Days of Haj come toward the end of your trip and you may not have as much cash to spare then.


What is Special Services?

Special Services, for most people is because of the distance of the camp in Mina to Jamaraat. It is as close to Jamaraat you can get. Which means, a shorter walking distance as opposed to Non-Special Services. As for distances, I couldn’t give you exact figures, but if you are travelling with elderly people or people who have trouble walking long or even short distances, Special Services is something you should look into.


Who is Muassasa?

They are responsible for your 5 days of Haj stay and your transport between Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah.


I hope this is helpful and that Allah accepts everyone’s Haj.




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  1. aslm. this is very useful indeed. I am aspiring to go on Hajj this year insha Allah, if we are accredited. I will be about 29 weeks pregnant around the time hujaaj depart. do you think that it will be a good idea for me to go on Hajj this year? my heart is there insha Allah, so if all goes well I would like to go. physically, do you think I will be ok if I gather around the old people and stick with them when I feel tired? any tips or advice would be appreciated. shukran

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