IslamicFin.com is a website focussed on Islamic Finance in South Africa.

IslamicFin.com – Our Projects

Our approach is project-based.  Our current projects are:


  1. Hajj Prices in South Africa – Click here to link to the project.  This project is complete, with information available for 2015 (1436).

Our approach is one project at a time, and over time we hope to build up a useful resource for anyone interested in Islamic Finance.


Our newsletter subscribers will be able to contribute to projects and suggests projects.

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Note: IslamicFin.com does not accept any advertising and it is a not-for-profit initiative. 

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen is the website manager for IslamicFin.com. This project (hopefully) adds  what is lacking, spirituality to my days.

This is build for the perpetual reward of my grandparents, and all our dearly departed. Just remember to make an intention.