2017 Hajj Prices

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Hajj 2017 Prices

Islamicfin.com brings you 2017 Hajj Prices, as a service to the Hujajj.  You can use this site to:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Search Online. Click here.
  3. Contact information for operators.

Please note the following operators did not provide information in time:

  • Al Hussam
  • Sure Mirage
  • Travel Unlimited
  • Umrah Tours & Nuri Travels

We will be contacting them to receive information:

(If we are able to, we will bring some more user friendly filters in the next few days. No promises, but it will be cool and an improvement).

It has been almost 12 years since myself and my partner have completed Hajj.


  • This years addition is dedicated to our new arrivals Muhammad Amr and Roha, and their parents.
  • Tour operators for providing information and for being available to chat.
  • SAHUC for assisting in the process of collating data.
  • Various civil society organisations that are raising issues on the price of Hajj in South Africa.
  • Several Hujajj that have provided consistent source of encouragement and kept us updated on the process.
  • Tasneem Hassim for her able and speedy assistance in pulling together data.
  • Zahir Mirza for some awesome CSS tweaks.
  • Zunaid Khan  for chats about the site.
  • Moe, Miles and Sumaya – for assistance and for testing things out.
  • Ayesha, Zakariya, Ahmed and Sameerah for sharing and caring.
  • Uncle Shabier and Aunty Zohra for discussing issues on Hajj with me.
  • To all family, friends and anyone else that assists in sharing this.
  • Special thanks to my parents for guiding me to make this a non-profit site.